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Political Parties in Nepal and Australia


There are two major political parties in Australia.
1. Labor Party and
2. Liberal Party

There are other smaller parties as well. The Labor Party has about 50,000 organized members, while the Liberal Party has about 80,000.

According to the 2017 census, Australia has a population of 25 million. According to this figure, only 0.6 percent of the party has full-time members.

If we forget the communist struggle for a while, only two parties are considered major in Nepal.

1. Communist Party of Nepal and
2. Nepali Congress

The membership of the Communist Party of Nepal is around 700,000 (before the conflict). The Nepali Congress also has about 500,000 active members. Nepal has a population of about 29 million.

According to the statistics, the number of people joining the Communist Party and the Congress party alone is 4.14 percent. If the figures of other parties are added, the number of party members in Nepal will be even higher.

Clearly, Australians do not know much about politics.

In my decades-long experience of migration, I have never known Australia closed. And I have never seen a tire burn anywhere. Sometimes the slogan ‘Leave the country of PM thieves’ was used by the opposition. Otherwise, it is not the opposition but the ruling party that has organized rallies and programs and insulted the opposition.
No! He is not coming to do politics.

It’s okay to be lazy to heat the street, at least in the house, sometimes to break the microphone and chair. Otherwise, we would have gone to the villages of Australia and taught the people about political literacy by asking them to become members of our party. It would have been fun to form fraternal organizations on campuses across the country. Even Australians are spread all over the world.

No, he is not coming to do politics.
He does not know the importance of the chair and position. The question of morality arose when Khurukhuru resigned and moved away from politics to work. Hey man, if you do politics, do it for the rest of your life and for two or four generations.

No, he is not coming to do politics.

So, O Australian Nepali brothers and sisters! Let’s all come together and teach him politics. Come on Australian Nepalis! Come from the village. Come from the settlement. Those who have tires at home, come with tires.

Those who came to Australia from Nepal carrying party bags and flags should come with flags and bags. And those who have nothing with them, come with party feta on your forehead and a slogan.

Now he must be taught to do politics.


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