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Dear Well-wishers!

I was surrounded by well-wishers. Some were bowing before me with heavy garlands of flowers, while others were praising me with their hands clasped in a bowing posture.

While so many people were bowing before me and offering devotion, I was feeling omnipotent. Then a well-meaning person came to me and said, “Lord! A majestic man like you had to do a little work for me. ” At that time, I was also thinking about the purpose of this job.

That’s when I woke up.
“Aha! What a wonderful dream. I was very happy to be omnipotent even in my dreams. Is there such an opportunity in Reality? ” I kept playing with my mind. And I remembered the people in powerful positions in the country. And I remembered his scenario before and after getting the post.

If a person becomes a governor, a minister, a prime minister, or a president, the person who gets that position will not be as happy as his well-wishers. And to express their happiness, they bring 5 kg, 10 kg, or 15 kg garlands of flowers and shout, “O breadwinner! O, God! You will definitely do some of our work here. ”

When the Laskar people Laskar call like this every day, it seems that now I am sitting in the place of a deity. They say that if a lie is repeated over and over again, one day it will feel as if it is not a lie. This is called the ‘true effect’.

The United States has strongly advocated unity in Iraq, with Saddam Hussein having “weapons of mass destruction” and many nations supporting him. The then-Secretary of State, Colin Powell, presented evidence at the United Nations. In time, this proved to be a lie.

There is also a folk tale. A man carrying a goat on his shoulder said that it was a dog, but the man did not believe it the first time and the second time, but four or five other passers-by said, “Oh, I am carrying a dog.” It tries to explain that it feels like it has been installed in the place.

Well, folklore may be fictional, but its message is serious and thought-provoking. I am also compelled to go, “I am fascinated when I enjoy the chair for a while in Baburo Jabo’s dream, but why don’t our leaders feel supernatural when they are in despair?”

The grandeur of that smooth vehicle, the security cordon around it, the echoing sight of innocent people on motorcycles, on horses, around the road, and on both sides of the road. Oh, how enchanting are the splendor, the splendor, and the grandeur?
Is it because of this terrible disease that our nation and society have not been able to pave the way for prosperity?

Some argue, “This is a question of national dignity. So, is it a big deal to allow the top leaders of our country to enjoy the highest level of security, vehicles, and luxury as much as possible? Similar rules apply in other lands. ” Netaji’s well-wishers care about their health and living standards, but they do not care much about the health and living standards of the people, so they do not want to hear the argument that Netaji should lead a lifestyle that suits the living standards of the people.

When he went to meet the British President with a dhoti on his bare feet and body, Gandhi was asked, “Is it appropriate for you to meet the President of the British Empire in such a dress?”

Gandhi’s reply was, “Your president is wearing clothes that reach both our bodies.” That’s all I have to do. ”

There is more power in the politics of sacrifice than there is in the politics of enjoyment, luxury and power, but the politics of sacrifice is not dear to many. This is not to argue that the politics of sacrifice should be like Gandhi’s. But a style that neither represents the country nor bears the brunt of the potential is certainly needed to curb such ostentatious styles and lifestyles.

We have no shortage of renegade leaders. Even if some renunciant owns a piece of land and three tolas of gold, the well-wishers are forced to live in the well-wisher’s bungalow, saying, “Netaji, you have not stayed in my house for a long time.” Even if a well-wisher misappropriates the land of Baluwatar in his own name, the government is compelled to say, “Please take back the land in my name by deception.” The story of a renegade leader who gave up his post for the sake of the country and the people has become more like a proverb.

Blessed well-wishers!


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